Vessel Medical Donates Thousands of N95 Masks to South Carolina Frontline Workers in Preparation for Reopening of the State

GREENVILLE, SC May 7, 2020  – Vessel Medical, a provider of medical workflow solutions, supplies, and equipment, is donating thousands of N95 masks to police departments, fire departments and hospital systems across South Carolina amid the current global shortage of personal protective equipment. As these frontline workers continue to keep South Carolina safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vessel Medical wants to do their part ensuring these workers receive the potentially lifesaving protection that these masks provide.

The thousands of N95 masks being donated at no cost account for roughly 25 percent of Vessel Medical’s total mask supply on hand in which could be sold for profit. Now, thousands of policemen, firemen, EMT’s, and hospital healthcare workers of South Carolina will have this personal protective equipment to more safely continue their daily work.

“The hospital systems, fire departments, and police departments that we’re donating these masks to are vital in keeping South Carolinians safe, now more than ever,” said Kevin Murdock, founder of Vessel Medical. “We value all that these frontline workers do to serve our state, and know the difficulty that they are facing in attaining enough of these masks for their work force. These donations are a top priority for us as we feel the need to help where we can.”

N95 masks are designed to provide the best barrier of protection from small airborne droplets containing COVID-19 – the 95 designation indicating that the mask blocks at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 micron) particles. Consequently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the extreme surge in demand of N95 masks that the world is facing today –  a recent government survey of hospitals across the US concluded that these masks are still at the top of the list for personal protective equipment items in shortage during the pandemic.

Vessel Medical, so far, has donated to four hospital systems and eleven first responder units across the state of South Carolina.

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