Greenville Company, Diversified Medical Healthcare, Allocates Large Profit Share due to Advancements in COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Diversified Medical, a Greenville holding company with entities in the medical and healthcare industry sectors, has developed groundbreaking soutions for COVID-19 testing since the beginning of the pandemic. Contributing significantly to the nation’s ability to reopen, Diversified Medical companies Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS) Vessel Medical, CPT Medical, and OnGen, have addressed widespread issues of testing and PPE shortages and information management limitations head on. Their employees have worked around the clock to achieve unmatched innovation in science and technology for the fight against COVID-19. For that reason, Diversified Medical has shared a substantial percentage of profits with their employees for Q3.

‘’We are extremely proud of our employees and the milestones that we have been able to acheive in a such short amount of time,” said Kevin Murdock founder of Premier Medical Laboratory Services. “Our brilliant and hard-working team including PhD scientists, researchers, and laboratory staff are continually striving to innovate and push us to the next level so that we can help as many people as possible and help keep our country open during this pandemic. We’re happy to be able to do this profit share as recognition for all of their hard work.”

Along with donating hundreds of COVID-19 tests and PPE to first responders throughout the state, Diversified medical companies have accomplished the following and more:

  • PMLS is now one of the top laboratories in the US for COVID-19 testing with a testing capacity of 300,000 tests per day with 98 % results provided in under 24 hours
  • PMLS has become a leading COVID-19 testing provider for major universities and their student-athletes and students in the classroom like Clemson and Furman universities
  • PMLS is one of the few laboratories to be validated for COVID-19 saliva specimen testing
  • Vessel Medical has developed, with Hamilton Company, Thermo Fisher, and Grenova, innovative all in one equipment that can turn a 600 sqft room into a COVID-19 testing lab
  • CPT Medical has become a top producer of the CDC recommended viral transport medium for preserving and transporting specimens to be tested for COVID-19.
  • Ongen, has created a platform that automates laboratory processes and helps labs to expand testing capacity

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